Church Data Management System

All your members’ details are kept secure in one place. Whether you’re in your office or on the go, you always have access to all of those details. And that’s just the start – It can help you keep on top of birthdays, track key dates such as weddings or baptisms make sure none of your members fall through the net by helping you target your pastoral care effectively.


General features

Create church events and automatically post to church website

Keep track of church events and inventory with ability to capture and store images

Send messages to church members and guests via email and texts.

Birthday reminders and messaging

Remote access

Daily backup

Delivered with detailed technical documentation and manual

Free training on use and support

Access control: – users are granted privileges and rights to various modules.


gone the extra mile to make sure your data is kept safe and secure.  The software is built with both speed and security in mind, making sure you get the best possible experience whilst your data is kept under lock and key.

Free Evaluation

The evaluation version allows you to test the software minimal features for free during 30 days trial period and determine if it suits your needs in practice.