I have helped people develop their online presence, whether they are businesses or individuals. My main objective is to ensure that you get what you want out of your website. I put a lot of effort into ensuring that your online presence ideally suits your needs.

Static websites just aren't enough these days. Internet-savvy users now demand frequently updated material. Daily updates are preferred, but weekly updates are essential. To achieve this, you need an effective content management system and you need a blog. I make sure to build web sites so that users can easily update them for themselves.

Website Applications

What is a website application?
A website application is essentially a business software application that needs no installation on the client machine / computer. With recent improvements to broadband internet connectivity, it is now possible to host feature-rich business applications on the internet, allowing staff to work at remote office locations, or from home. All that is required to use a web application is an internet connection.

Is it secure?
Although website applications can be accessed from any internet-enabled location, measures can be taken to ensure applications are kept secure and accessible by members of staff / management. Login user names and passwords can be used to restrict access, as well as other, more advanced techniques such as finger print or voice recognition algorithms.

Sumtino Freelance can offer advice on website applications and code fully managed business solutions, tailored to business requirements.

Professional facebook application

Professional facebook application developement to empower your brand and business with brand pages, custom applications and connect integration. Don't lose your edge in 200+M users market place.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

After launching your website you need it to be visible so people can find it through major search engines like Goggle, Yahoo! Etc. Every website I build is optimized for your chosen keywords so you will rank well on search engines and be easy for people to find.

E-commerce & Database Driven Websites

The internet has moved on since the days of static-only websites - a powerful selling tool exists today via the world of e-commerce. Whether you have business premises selling goods or operate a mail order type setup, a functional, friendly to use e-commerce website can be a useful tool to boost sales. We have experience of developing e-commerce websites and offer full content managed e-commerce solutions so that clients can maintain their products, prices and product images online.

Credit Card Payments
Once an e-commerce website is up and running it will need to be integrated with an online payment system to ensure customers can purchase online using major credit cards or debit cards. We have experience of integrating sites with PayPal, Worldpay, SagePay and other online payment service providers. For a free, no obligation e-commerce quotation, please submit a quotation request form.

Content Management Systems

A content management system allows website owners to maintain the content of part, or all of their website, depending upon requirements and skill level. Sumtino Freelance have experience of developing bespoke content management systems for clients that allow simple upload and formatting of text (just like using a word processing application). In addition to text-entry, CMS systems can also be configured to allow the upload of PDF files, images or even movie content. To arrange a demonstration of a CMS system please contact us.

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Web Design Packages

1 2 3
Up to 5 webpages* Up to 10 pages* up to 15 pages*
Up to 25 supplied images Up to 40 supplied images Image Gallery
Unique design Unique design Unique design
Offsite backup of website Offsite backup of website Offsite backup of website
£499.00 £699.00 £899.00

*Content, images and logo to be supplied by customer.

Content Writing:
If you would like us to write the content for you, there will be an additional charge of £200.00 per 5 pages, up to 300 words per page.
Additional Options:
Animated Banners, image galleries, additional pages, photo editing, and audio or video embedding options are available. These will be billed at £20.00 per hour.

Monthly Website Maintenance Contract:
Optional monthly website maintenance contracts are available. If you choose not to get a monthly contract, changes to the website will be billed at £20.00 per hour.

1 2 3
3 provided text changes 5 provided text or picture 10 provided text or picture
per month changes per month changes per month
£29.99 £45.99 £59.99