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With comprehensive expertise across IT, communications, cyber security and business intelligence, I’ll cover all your technology needs. Whether you choose to fully outsource or complement in-house resources – I provide a complete managed solution from initial advice to supply, implementation and ongoing support. We offer one one one computer training courses to suit your needs. From beginner to advanced.

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Though technology-driven, we’re service-led. Our customers are our number one priority and we strive to deliver them a service experience that’s second to none.

Offers of the week

1. Free Church Database management / messaging software with mobile app

Members and visitors data 

Track everything about your members all in one place –Groups, Giving, Spiritual Gifts, Skills,  and more…

rack new visitors, follow up, and measure your success

Visitor tracking & follow up

Contacting new visitors within the first 24 hours greatly increases the chance of retaining them.  In fact, without visitors, there wouldn’t be any growth at all, and having a strategy to connect and communicate with those first-time guests is a step in the right direction.

Tithes,  offerings,  pledges

Track contributions and pledges with complete accuracy.

  • Know exactly who has given, how much, and to what fund.
  • Monitor and manage amounts pledged verses amounts given toward a capital campaign.
  • Easily print  reports and statements needed to analyze the income of the church, and to fulfill the government’s reporting requirements.

Small groups / House fellowship

Know exactly how your groups are doing with the most advanced small group tracking!

Churches everywhere have discovered that small groups are so effective at reaching and discipling more people. But the church needs better tools for managing and monitoring those groups to ensure their success.

Basic Free Modules

1. Data capture and storage.
2. SMS module
3. Newsletter / Email module 
4. Birthday Reminder
5. Prayer Request module
6. Accessible from multiple computers? 


Optional Integration @ extra costs:**
1. Integrate with website contents – Events calendar No Yes £500
2. Mobile App No Yes Android/OIS from £5,000 up to £80,000 each depending on the functionalities (The apps will be uploaded to the google and apple store). Church presence on google app and apple store. There are optional, storefront, donation and payments module that can allow you receive payments via paypal or credit card, events module that can notify users of church events and activities., photo gallery, messages, prayer request module, Bible (kjv) support, weekly/monthly/yearly subscription plans – Allow users to subscribe to watch videos or listen to audios.
3. Do you want inventory control ? No Yes (£500)
Inventory control module is used to keep track of church assets e.g. microphones, speakers, keyboards, mixer etc. The module can capture scanned invoice / receipt of the item, including a pic of the item. The details of the supplier can be stored and retrieved with ease. This module helps you browse through items that belongs to the church.
4. Reporting and Analytics Requirements What types of reports and dashboards are required? What key performance indicators (KPIs) are important? (£500)

2. Free dual media player and source code

  • Play two media plays on the screen at a time and control them independently. 
  • Written in C#
  • I’m giving away with the source code!
free media player